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Kelly had done some modeling in college for art classes and now that she was unemployed, she found herself posting on Craisglist as an art model. She figured, as long as she was still young and had a good body, why not? It was just art, although Gary, her regular client, wasn't ever gong to be a great artist. He had talent enough--it was fine. Sort of a mix of landscapes and abstracts. He sold much of his work to hotels. He'd occasionally sell the glamour nude. He'd call Kelly in to model. A lot of times, he'd paint Kelly like a greek statue of Aphrodite, draped in a sheet, holding up an apple or grapes or a prop bow. He'd play classical music in his studio and offer Kelly tea during the break. Kelly wasn't sure if she was gong to tell her mom about the modeling gig she'd picked up to cover the rent, but as far as easy money, it was pretty easy. She wondered how many images of her romanticized buttocks and breasts were hanging in hotels.

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