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We were talking about masturbation, and when we each first discovered it. She said that she'd first learned as a teenager, and one of the things she soon discovered was the wooden knob of her bedpost. She never lost her passion for it, and when she went to college, her parents let her take her old bed to school. It saved her money, of course, but it also helped her continue her favorite way to get herself off. She kept the bed after college, and had it when we first started dating. I never understood why she insisted on keeping the old bedframe when we finally decided to move in together, but now I understood. I asked if she had used the bed in private, when I was away, and she admitted that sometimes, yes, she did. She asked if that threatened me, and I said, of course not; in fact, it was kind of sexy. I asked if she would show me, and she was happy to demonstrate.

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