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BIGflip Ejaculates On Emma Stone

Emma Stone is an actress that I don't see enough of.She is a gorgeous and funny celebrity who's movies have been hits.I think the last movie I seen her in was Spider-man.But the movie I liked most was Easy A and Zombieland. Shes very funny but that doesn't stop her from being so sexy.Just one look from though's gorgeous eyes and my cock starts to swell up and almost start spurting man milk!
Yeah sexy,shake that ass!
Wow,absolutely gorgeous!
Dame baby,You are so sexy!
Oh wow,Emma look what your doing to me baby!
Ahhhhhhh,Thank you for that help baby.
That creamy release looks great on you.

Here's some more pictures of Emma to milk your cock on.
What big beautiful eyes you have!
Gorgeous little figure!
Very nice looking baby!
Get it Emma!

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