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When she travelled for business, she liked to mix in pleasure. She had a way of testing the new personal assistants. When they landed and checked into the hotel, she'd slip off her skirt, thong, and blouse, but leave her suit coat, and stockings, and dress shoes on. When her assistant came by the room, she'd let him in and say, matter of fact, that she was still unpacking, but that since time was money, the assistant should take a seat, and start taking notes for the upcoming meeting or to show her te spread sheets he'd been preparing, or the powerpoint presentation.

She loved the mix of power and money, power and sex. Soon the assistant's eyes couldn't help but be on her, catching glimpses of her body under her suit. It was a game she enjoyed, how long would it take for him to say something, for him to make a move, or would he remain a coward, would he defer only to her. She cold tell a lot about a man by this test. The ones that came on right away and too strong, she fired on the spot, under grounds of sexual harassment. The men could hardly contest it, since they were in her hotel room, and they had made the first move. But if the young man gave his presentation and politely averted his eyes, and was too dense or too cowardly to recognize the opportunity when it was right in front of his face, she'd soon find a way to fire him. Bad choices in sex, meant bad choices in business to her. But if the young man matched her steps, followed her lead, advanced and then retreated to her cues, then he was someone who could be smart and discrete. Someone who could play the game. He was a keeper, at least for a few months. Those young men, though, she couldn't just fire. They were too smart, and by the time they'd had a full affair, they were dangerous. So she did want one must do in business: she promoted them with a new title and a transfer.
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