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Derrick and Pam met at work and started dating, which was strictly against company policy. They knew they could both be fired if caught, and that made it all the more thrilling. They worked at a large wholesale shipping company. Pam worked on the fifth floor in accounts and Derrick in the shipping department. On breaks, Pam would slip down to the lower levels of shipping, and she and Derrick would sneak off like two high schoolers, looking for a private place. The old building was enormous--one of those giant 19th century buildings in the old industrial part of town. There were basements and sub-basements, boiler rooms, and hallways of old steam pipes. It had once started as a company that shipped plows, and then it was owned by John Deere, and then Sears, and finally by the current company (which we won't name).

Pam and Derrick found a secluded area down in the depths of the building's heating and air vents. They found a slot in the wall, much like a glory hole. That's how they were using it, when they got caught.

Steve was one of the foremen. He commanded the crew of fork lift operators. He was a hard ass, and always yelled at his crew to speed up, and then yelled at them if they dropped a box or cut a corner too close and nicked a pallet. "What the hell's going on here?" he demanded. He looked at Derrick, pants down, with his cock inserted into the air vent hole. Derrick pulled out quickly and pulled up his pants, red faced from the sucking he'd been getting, and from embarrassment.

"Who's behind there?"

"I don't know," said Derrick quickly.

Steve looked at him hard, like he wasn't buying it, but also didn't know what to say, and not knowing what to say, just made him mad, but he wasn't going to look like an idiot, so he just glared at Derrick, and then turned to the air vent. "You want me to come back there and get your ass fired?" he said.

From behind the wall, Pam murmured, "No."

"Well, do you!" Steve said again. He was angry and confused, and when men who are not very smart are like that, they're dangerous.

"Do you?"

"No," Pam repeated, this time louder.

Then Steve's face relaxed a little. He was still mad, but no longer confused. He'd seen his opportunity to take advantage of the situation. "Want me to come back there and drag your ass upstairs to HR?" He unbuckled his pants and tugged out his cock. "Well if you don't want me to come back there, then I'll come here." He walked over to the air vent and pushed his limp tool through the slot.

Derrick wanted to rush up and punch Steve. He couldn't believe what he was seeing. He'd much rather get fired than watch his girlfriend suck another man's cock, especially a jerk like Steve. It had all happened so fast, and yet seemed to move in slow motion. Derrick could not form words, could not raise his arms or move his feet. He stood completely frozen. It wasn't like TV, where the hero jumps into action. It was shock. It's like when someone is about to get hit by a car, they don't jump out of the way, but stand fixed, staring as the car gets closer and closer.

All the emotions of rage, fear, embarrassment, and shock raced through Derrick as he stood there. It was like it wasn't really happening, but that he was watching a movie. He saw Steve's bare ass begin to pump. Steve moaned, "That's it bitch, suck me off and I won't turn you in." Steve was getting the power trip of his life. He could yell at the fork lift guys, but nothing was as powerful as forcing a total stranger to suck him off. And in front of her boyfriend. That was the ultimate.

Derrick was horrified, but strangely, he was surprised that his cock, as if totally independent of his brain, was growing back to a full erection. It was totally wrong, but yet, it was strangely exhilarating.

Steve was getting worked up, red faced and sweating. He was grunting like a hog. Slurping and pulping sounds were coming from the other side of the wall as Pam choked down his rod. She didn't think of herself as a slut. In any other circumstance, she'd never want to suck off Derrick's foreman. But the simple fact was that a penis is a penis. When it came down to it technically, it wasn't any different blowing one cock as another. She couldn't afford to get fired. Especially not with the economy. She had friends who had been laid off and trying to find work for more than 8 months. She didn't really want to suck off Steve, but it was better than unemployment. And once she started, her motions just took over. She always thought positive attitude is what makes the biggest difference in life. If life gives you lemons, make lemonaide, she'd always say. In this case, if she had to suck Steve off, she was not only going to do it, but give him the best fucking head he'd ever had and ever will have in his pathetic little petty tyrant life, she decided.

She'd always worried about going too hard and hurting Derrick, nicking him with her teeth or something. She cared about him, and naturally, didn't want to cause him pain. But she could give a flying fuck about Steve, and so she really got into it. She imagined herself a pornstar, and sucked him as hard and sloppy as she could. Her gusto even surprised her. She jacked him with her hand, twisting it with each thrust as she spit on his cock head and then jammed it to the back of her throat. The deeper she plunged, the more she gagged. The more she gagged, the harder Steve shoved his cock down her throat. The harder he thrust, the harder she went down on him. If the wall had been thinner, she probably could have taken his whole length.

Steve was not used to getting his cock sucked, and Pam's enthusiasm soon had him erupting. It seemed the poor bastard had never been sucked so hard and he shot the biggest load of his life, every single drop his body had held in his sexually-frustrated balls. It splashed down Pam's throat and across her face.

Derrick couldn't see any of this, of course, but he could clearly picture it in his mind. He could tell by the slurping and gagging noises that Pam had been given Steve head like she had never done before. This had made Derrick insanely jealous, enraged, and really turned on. His cock was rock hard when Steve pulled out of his girlfriend's mouth. Steve zipped up quickly. His dick withered back to its small size. Without a word, he turned and marched down the long, empty hallway, back toward the shipping warehouse.

With Steve gone, derrick instantly unfroze. He went back to the wall, pulling out his hard cock. Before Pam could get off her knees, she had another cock poking at her face. She recognized it, of course, and took it in. Her knees were sore from the cold concrete, and she was worried that her lunch hour was almost over. She wasn't in the mood to linger any longer than she had to, so she gave Derrick the same hard, fast, and sloppy porn-star blow job she'd just given Steve. It was kind of sexy to be sucking off her boyfriend while another man's cum dribbled down her chin. And that's exactly what Derrick was thinking as he was getting sucked. Steve had soiled his girl, like a stallion takes another stallion's mare. The only way to reclaim her, in this primal animal way was to blow his load into her, washing over the other man's semen. Derrick hadn't studied animal behavior. He didn't know that, in fact, this is exactly how wild mustang stallions act if another stallion has just had sex with his mare. He wasn't going to let his girl spend the rest of the afternoon upstairs at her desk with only Steve's cum in her belly. He was going to shoot his load, too. And he did.

He came and came, harder than he could ever remember, his heart racing, his energy wild and on fire.

Pam swallowed every last drop.

Then the each returned to their work.

The story could end here, but it didn't. The next morning, Steve came up to Derrick. Steve had been turning things in his mind. A slow man, he needed the night to think it over. A man hungry for control, power, and sex, he wasn't going to let Derrick and his cock-sucking girlfriend off the hook. He slipped up to Derrick and said under his breath, "same place, noon."

Derrick realized it wasn't a request--it was blackmail. The whole morning he turned it over in his mind. Should he go to HR and report Steve? Would they believe the younger, lower-level employee, or the foreman, who had been with the company for years, and other than being an asshole, had a perfect work record. Derrick couldn't just quit. And he couldn't risk getting Pam fired. He hated being forced to do anything, but conversely, he was sort of getting more and more aroused as the hours passed. He recalled the sounds of Pam choking on Steve's cock, and how eagerly she took his load right afterward. It was sick, he knew, and wrong. But being sick and wrong, it was impossible not to think about. As much as he wanted to deny it, he was actually looking forward to noon, and if Steve shot his load into Pam first, Derrick would get to follow up. He'd never gotten into the Japanese bukkake porn videos, because they just seemed too over the top. But the thought of very real cum dripping down Pam's face as she sucked him seemed totally different. The more he imagined it, the more he was looking forward to noon.

The only thing that didn't sit right with him was if he let Steve repeat what had happened the day before, it'd become something Steve would demand at his will. And the longer it went on, perhaps the more Steve would demand.

Derrick only had a few hours to find a solution. Then it came to him. When he completed an order pull, he returned to the order clerk for his next shipping order. TK, the clerk, was a tall, skinny kid that liked to tell stupid dirty jokes each time a forklift opp came by to pull an order. TK had a new dumb joke of the day, and he'd also try to get as many of the lift opps to go with him to the strip club afterwork.

"Hey, bro, did you hear the latest..." said TK. Derrick listened to the joke, and then, as if sharing a close personal secret, looked both ways, and then leaned forward.

"Did you hear about Steve and his stripper..." Derrick asked.

"No, bro! What's the what?"

"Shhh," said Derrick. "You gotta keep this on the DL."

TK nodded. Then they both looked to make sure no one was in earshot.

Derrick told TK that Steve had hired a striper from the club, and was getting a little side action on his lunch break. In hushed tone, he told TK how he'd seen the boss and the stripper slipping into the east door and sneaking down a hall. Derrick said that he followed them, just enough to see what was going on.

"That dirty dog," said TK.

Derrick nodded, "and I heard him on his cel phone this morning. I think they're hooking up again at noon..."

Another lift opp came up to the desk for an order, and Derrick gave TK a final nod, and left to pull his next order. He knew that the trap had been set. TK wouldn't be able to keep the news to himself. By noon, the entire crew of lift opps would know. Derrick ran the scenario in his mind: Steve would show up at the air vent at noon, and pull down his pants, and present his cock to Pam. She'd go to town on him, just as the crew would be sneaking up to catch their boss with a stripper. If Steve got caught with his pants down, then it would be the whole crew's word against his up at HR. They could fire Derrick as an individual easy enough, but they couldn't replace the whole crew. It'd shut the company down for weeks. Steve's blackmail would be done before it even started.

It was a perfect plan. And like any perfect plan, it went wrong.

It started out just as Derrick imagined: Steve arrived, looking smug, and pulled out his cock and shoved it in the air vent. Pam took it and began to work on it with her new-found porn-star skills. Steve was getting into it, letting his moans and grunts echo a little too loudly down the cement halls. The crew slipped up and stood, gawking, as they saw their boss with his pants down at his ankles, thrusting his hips into an air vent. Steve was grunting and thrusting with all his might as Pam worked his cock from the other side, gulping and slurping. Steve began to twitch and clench his butt as he shot his load. When he turned, his dick limp and coated in Pam's spit, he saw the crew. Derrick could see his plan falling perfectly into place. He saw the tension suddenly seize Steve's face, scrunching it up, the veins on his forehead pulsing. Steve was not a quick-witted man, as we've said. And Derrick knew it. The element of surprise was his, and Steve had been caught off guard.

However, Derrick had overlooked one thing. He'd told TK that the boss had hired a stripper to make the story sound more credible, and to throw off the idea that the woman could actually be a company employee. As long as Pam stayed hidden in the air duct, her identity would be safe, and only Steve would be identified with the violation of company policy.

Derrick assumed that the crew, seeing their boss breaking the rules, would suddenly rally against him, like a mutiny. He didn't realize that the guys, thinking their boss had just scored with a stripper, instantly thought of Steve as 100% cooler.

Just as the flustered and embarrassed Steve was about to shout a threat about firing all of them, the crew began to clap and cheer. "Hell yeah!" they shouted. "You da man!"

Suddenly Steve stood taller, puffed up with their cheers. We was not the asshole boss--he was the stud that got glory hole blow jobs on his lunch break--inside the warehouse! Steve was now basking in the crew's instant admiration.

"Way to give it to that slut!" yelled TK!

"Yeah, stickin' to the dirty whore!" shouted another.

Steve beamed, triumphant. But as slow as he was, his simple mind did grasp the situation. If he was the only one caught, it was still his ass on the line. "Well, boys," he said, beaming. "Don't just stand there! Line up! This bitch can suck a golf ball through a garden hose!"

To Derrick's shock and horror, the crew did exactly as their boss said. They stepped right up, and one at a time, unzipped and gave their cocks to the hole. There was no way for Pam to get out, without walking right out in front of everyone and being identified. She feared if she didn't take the other men's cocks, they'd come around into the vent and then who knows. Have their full way. She liked the relative safety of her small station. She didn't want to see the crew. Behind the wall, she had no idea who's cock was in her mouth. And, as she'd thought the day before, a penis is pretty much a penis. They all worked the same, and she worked the same on them--but she also loved the slight variations. The small ones she could take deeper, the large ones that made her feel like she was in her own private porn movie. The thick ones, the ones that curved up, and the one that curved to the left. She wondered who's that was as she gobbled it.

For the whole hour, Derrick stood, trapped in the trap he had set, watching his girlfriend take load after load of his co-workers' cum. The whole hour the guys lined up one at a time to get sucked. Derrick wondered how Pam was holding up.

She was tired, and her knees hurting, and her jaw sore. So after a while she stood up in the vent and reached back and positioned the cock heads into her pussy. Standing was much easier, and with just rolling her hips on the wall, she could give the guys what they wanted. They'd pump away, and she'd let them fuck her and she'd try to feel when they were getting ready to shoot and then pull back and finish them off with her mouth. It was so much easier on her this way, and she could last longer. Sometimes they'd shoot without any warning. She probably took three or four loads in her pussy and six or seven in her mouth. She had no idea how many were out in the hallway--a big group or some coming back for seconds or even thirds.

The men were all happy, gleeful as a high school football team that has just won regionals.

When it was all done, Derrick waited for Pam to reappear from behind the air vent. He felt terrible for getting her trapped like that, used and passed around all the men of the shipping department. He prepared to see a woman that had just been through hell. But when Pam returned, she looked the same as always.

"I guess that was taking one for the team," she said with a smile. She laughed and turned to go. Derrick didn't know what to say, so he followed her.

"You're ok," he asked.

"Sure," Pam said casually, more concerned with getting back before her break was over. "Let's just not make this every day."

"Yeah," said Derrick.

"Maybe every Monday," she said. "Start off the week."

Derrick could not believe what he was hearing, but something had certainly changed in Pam. The Pandora box had now been opened and there was no shutting it again. So they agreed to every Monday.

The workers loved it. It kicked off their Monday, and they were far more productive during the week. With work and morale up, Steve relaxed as a boss. He stopped being such a jerk. Upstairs, management noticed the improved performance, but the only person on the fifth floor who really knew, was Pam.

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