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It's hot and humid in the evenings we're we live. After dinner, we like to take a walk. We throw on cool and comfortable clothes. Sometimes my wife will wear a tank top, but no bra. she has large, natural breasts, and they sway as she walks. Sometimes, as the evening gets cooler, her nipples will poke through. At first, it felt a bit embarrassing to think that any of our neighbors out walking their dogs or watering their lawns could see. But she seemed to like it, and I realized her nipples were not just hard from the cold. She really seemed to get a thrill from being outside, dressed just as revealing as she dared. Her tank top that barely held her breasts, and a short skirt. At a glance, no one cold tell how naked she was. But when no one was looking, she'd hope up on a picnic table or a retaining wall, and expose herself. I decided to take my camera along one evening, which added a new thrill for her.

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