Glenda and Veronica were housewives in a time when women married young. Right after the war, in fact. While their husbands were at work, they got together. Valentine's Day was coming up, and they thought it'd be fun to give their husbands a special present. They had grown up in a time of the classic pin-up, and they knew their husbands had gone through the war, with pin-ups painted on the nose cones on their bombers. They'd posed for pin-up style pictures before, to do their part on the homefront, give the men something to fight for and to come home to. They thought it'd be fun to take some pictures like that again. They agreed to dress in their finest lingerie, and take turns being model and photographer. They had so much fun, they even tried the self-timer and taking one picture with the two of them. Wouldn't it be a riot to give each husband that image, the two friends, the two wives, to each of the husbands?

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