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They had a date Friday night and she was excited to see him. After her shower, she dug through her top drawer where she kept all her underwear and picked out her favorite bra and garter. She loved garters because they were always associated with dressing up for special dates. Regular underwear could be pretty. It could even be sexy, but putting on a garter meant she was going to get some. She loved looking at her image of herself in her garter in the mirror, but it was hung so high that she had to stand on her bed to see herself. Then she had the idea of taking it off the wall, and setting it on the floor.

She really loved the way she looked and posed for the mirror like a lingerie model, getting more and more turned on. Her date was still a couple hours away, but she was so turned on and ready. She thought she should get him just as excited, so she grabbed her cell phone and snapped a special picture just for him, then texted it to him with a special message of what he could look forward to.

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