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We were camping. There's something about the fresh air, the stars at night, having a campfire, and then having the scent of wood smoke in your hair, sleeping on the ground, and waking up with the sun that just makes me feel so alive, so invigorated, and so primitively horny. Literally, like a wild animal.

There is a primeval urge that takes hold of me, and all I can think about is mating, pumping my seed into the female of the species. It's got to be biological, and being in nature brings that out.

My wife notices, too. We have great sex when camping. We fuck at night to the coyote cries, and then wake up naked, with sweat dried and salty on our skin. I am hard, and she take me in her hand and mouth. She knows I want it hard and fast in the morning, to let loose my load of cum that has built up overnight. She pumps me and slurps, until I shoot all over her bare breasts. She licks her lips and my tip, the early morning light seeping softly into our tent.

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