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She was bored being taken to the nude beach every weekend, just to watch her husband compete in volleyball. I could tell. She brought a book to read, but that never held her attention. Sometimes she'd get in the water, but mostly she looked bored. So I finally got up the nerve to casually walk over and strike up a conversation. She seemed guarded at first, but then relaxed and seemed to enjoy the company. As we got to talking, I told her I was an art student and had first discovered the nude beach as a location where I could practice nude photography without fear of getting arrested. This seemed to interested her, and she suggested that she'd be willing to pose for me, if I wanted. Of course I did. She had a fantastic body.

Leaving her husband absorbed in his volleyball game, we went up into the dunes for a photo shoot. I had no idea how "open" she was to being photographed. I don't know if she did it as a thrill for herself or as a secret way to get back at her husband. My camera enjoyed the view, either way.

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