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My friend Kat is a photographer. As a professional freelancer, she'll shoot just about anything--corporate events, weddings, or products. She'll also shoot nudes for a high-end website and magazine. When she showed me her work, I thought it was beautiful. Instead of the models trying to look serious and sexy with icy cold stares, the models in Kat's photos were always smiling and laughing. It looked like they were having a good time.

I asked Kat what her secret was, and told me that she just asked the models to be themselves, and by stripping down too, she treated the shoot as something fun. "If you have a clothed man shooting a nude female," that's one dynamic, a dynamic of dominance," said Kat. "If both model and photographer are female and nude, it makes the experience equal and shared. And even though it's sort of a cliche, I find it true in my photography--women tend to open up and be themselves if they feel equal and included."

Intrigued, I offered to pose nude for Kat.

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