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For New Year's, we got a room in the fanciest hotel in town. It was a little treat for us to celebrate our third anniversary. We then dressed up in our best clothes and went to a nice restaurant. She wore a black dress and heels, and did up her hair. She looked great, and it reminded me of when we first dated.

At dinner, she whispered in my ear that she was wearing new panties. Special panties, she explained. She took my hand under the table and drew it to the hem of her dress. Under the cover of the tablecloth, I inched my hand up her soft thigh, until I found the edge of her panties. My fingers explored the soft fabric. Then my finger unexpectedly hit her bare skin. She smiled mischievously. There's more, she said, but you'll have to wait until we're back in the room.

Between courses, my hand returned between her legs. She'd open them just enough to let my finger run up and down the slit in her crotchless panties. Every time my finger grazed her clit, she'd shutter. We'd ordered a bottle of wine, and after a few glasses, she was clearly getting aroused and tipsy.

Back in the room, she turned and asked me to unzip her dress. When the dress fell, she turned, revealing a matching bra and pantie set. Her bra was cut-out, too, and her hard nipples poked through. She leaned forward and brushed each nipple in turn against my lips. As I sucked on her nipples through her peek-a-boo bra, my finger returned to her panties. She was soaking wet, and my finger slid easily inside her. I moved it in and out slowly, flicking her clitoris with my thumb. She moaned and was lost in the sensation, swaying from my caresses and the wine.

She broke off and retrieved a small present from her suitcase. She handed it to me and told me to open it. I sat in the hotel chair beside the bed and unwrapped it. To my surprise, it was a life-sized penis-shaped dildlo, complete with balls. For me? I asked.

No, this is for you, she said, and taking the dildo from my hand, lay back on the hotel bed. She spread her legs, revealing her moist lips, framed by her new panties. She rubbed the toy up her length, coating it in her juices, gliding it over her clit, before positioning it at her entrance. She'd had her eyes closed, but as she held the tip of the dildo against her, she looked at me and smiled. Do you want me to, she asked. I nodded. Will you watch, she asked. I nodded again. Happy New Year, she said, and pushed the dildo its full length into her.

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