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I came home and found her sound asleep. She was in bed, nude, and had kicked off the covers. Her legs flopped open, I could see her body. It was swollen and red, still slippery, as if from sex. Then I noticed her toy at the bedside.

She was funny about her vibrator. I knew she had it. She knew that I knew. But she kept it hidden in her drawer. I knew she used it, but she never used it in front of me. Once, when making love, I asked her to bring it out. She stopped, turned bright red, said, "No, that's private."

Apparently, she'd had a private session with her toy, then setting it down, had fallen fast asleep. She was snoring, which she only did when she'd been drinking lots of wine. It usually meant that she was passed out and even a car alarm or a passing train couldn't wake her up. I'd flipped on the light when I walked in and found her--that hadn't even phased her.

Seeing her passed out, with her legs spread, turned me on instantly. My body grew hard in my pants. I approached the bed, and stared at her swollen and wet body. Her toy, on the night stand, was also still wet, slick from the juices of her orgasm. It was sexy to see. I couldn't help picking up the toy, feeling her body's warm sex on the smooth plastic. The knob on the bottom twisted and it hummed to life. So this was what it sounded like and felt like in her hand. Curious, I wanted to see it in her.

I slowly and carefully slipped onto the bed, and she didn't even seem to pause her snoring. I turned on the toy and held it, vibrating inches from her wet lips.I hesitated for a second. If she woke up, and found me about to penetrate her with her own toy, she could freak out. But the humming toy was just inches from her wet lips, and I wanted to touch her that way, to see how it looked, and how it felt in my hand, imagining her hand, and how she used the toy on herself.

I lightly brushed the toy up along her folds. It slipped easily against the skin. When I slipped it over her already swollen clit, her snoring paused long enough to involuntarily moan. I swirled the tip of the toy over her clit and her hips, as if by instinct, pushed up. I was sliding the toy up and down, and her hips were gently rocking back against the motion. Her legs were spread wide as they could go, and her body was definitely responding to the toy's soft vibrations. I could see her body getting wet again, her juices pooling at the part of her inner labia, and dripping down her butt crack and making a wet spot on the sheet. I knew she was ready, and very slowly and with one smooth motion, I pushed the toy up inside her.

I'd of course penetrated her many times with my cock or my finger, but never an inanimate object. I didn't know how it'd go, but the toy slipped right in. Her hips rolled up as they did when I fucked her. And her muscles, contracting inside, pushed the toy back. So I pushed it up into her again, and then again, starting a slow, but steady pumping rhythm, as I would when fucking her.

Her snoring had turned to moans. She was sighing and mumbling what sounded like, "uhmm, yes." She'd often mumble nonsense words in her sleep, so it wasn't clear if she was waking up, or still totally passed out. But her body has certainly woken up, and was responding as if it were wide awake and getting fucked. I increased the pace, pushing the toy into her faster and harder. The soft vibration sound was muffled by the slurping of her body. She was totally soaked and her lips had become rosy and thick. Her clit had swollen to the size of a pearl.

I rubber her clit with my thumb as I pumped the toy in and out of her. I angled the toy's tip up, like my cock inside her, to hit her g-spot. This seemed to work, because her hips were now thrashing, pushing back, forcing the toy deeper and harder inside her.

I glanced up, and her eyes were still closed. There was no sign that she was awake, but her body was clearly nearing orgasm. I could feel her muscles contract and begin to spasm. She squirted with orgasm, soaking the toy, my hand, and the bed sheet between her legs.

As her orgasm ebbed, I slipped the toy back out, then set it on the night stand. I went to the bathroom and washed up, then undressed and crawled into bed beside her. She wasn't snoring, but her breathing had slowly returned to normal. Her eyes, til shut, showed no signs of consciousness. I kissed her on the cheek, and whispered good night. I half expected her to say something, as if she'd been faking sleep. But she didn't. And we slept.

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