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One of my very favorite memories is the time Jennifer and I stopped for a short walk somewhere on a mountain pass in the Cascades. We'd planned on staying at a mountain cabin owned by a guy from work. He was nice enough to let us use it, and gave us a map and the secret code for the alarm and the hiding place of the key. Unfortunately, the snow was so deep, we couldn't even make it a quarter mile off the highway. We tried to drive up to a rustic mountain resort we'd heard of, but that, apparently was snowed in and closed for the season. So we retreated, back to the highway to a small town, which was little more than a gas station and a motel. We stayed the night at the motel, and normally would have had great travel sex, but as I recall, there was no hot water, no heat, and the fuse blew when we tried to turn on the lights. They eventually fixed the lights, but after what seemed like three strikes, we called it a day and went to bed.

The next day we decided to return to the city, but before we went, we crossed the highway, and walked down a dam. The reservoir was frozen over. After the dam, on the other side, the road climbed up a stell hill, winding into the mountains. We hiked about a mile. We snapped a couple photos, and in one  Jennifer lifted up her jacket and flashed me. She then, without any prompting, squatted down, opened my pants, and took out my cock. Even though the air was biting cold, the warmth of her hands immediately made me hard. She began to suck me, right as snowflakes began to fall. Normally, when you're getting sucked off by the woman you love, you don't think about anything else. But I started thinking about the snow and if we'd get back before it piled up and if the pass would get snowed in and if we'd have to spend another night in that cold, dank motel. And the more distracted I was, the harder it was for me to cum, and so the harder she sucked, gripping me with her hand and really going at it. She was not distracted. In fact, she seemed totally turned on and focused on my erection which seemed larger than usual, hard in the cold air, and thick in her hand. As she pumped me, I could feel the cum begin to build in my balls. 

Just then, I saw, far in the distance, another couple walking up the same road. They were too far away to tell if it was a man and woman or two men, or who. But they were headed for us, and I had my pants open and she was kneeling in front of me, bobbing up and down on my cock. If I could see them, they could probably see us, and could no doubt tell exactly what was going on. 

I told her people were coming. This seemed to make her go faster and harder. She pulled her mouth off my cock and held it open, her tongue, inches from the tip. She does this when she's feeling extra naughty. She wants to feel me shoot on her face, and she tells me this. She likes to talk dirty to me and tells me to cum on her face, to let her feel it. The people are closer now. I can see that it's a middle-aged couple. They are still far away, but they've surely seen us by now. Jennifer is gripping me with both hands, jacking me up and down, her face eager and waiting. Until I shot a large, pent-up load onto her face.

She pumps out every drop. Then she zips me up, and stands quickly. The couple is now so close we can see they are walking a small dog dressed in a red sweater. Jennifer's face is dripping with cum. We can't walk down the hill past them, so we turn up and try to put distance between us and the dog walkers. As we stride, our breath scatters in the cold air. She is glowing with sweat, rosy cheeked, and splattered with cum. She is letting it evaporate on her skin. She says she likes the feel. She says it's good for her complexion. She says it makes her feel naughty and slutly. She says having the couple see what she was doing turned her on even more. She says her underwear is soaked. She says she wants me to fuck her up against a tree, yanking her pants down just enough, and taking her from behind. Hearing her say this makes my half-hard cock twitch and regain a little stiffness. 

Her hand is down her pants as we walk, and she is rubbing herself. She says she's so close she could climax if we stopped. We've now put the couple almost out of sight. They've stopped, either to let their dog do it's business, or because they saw us and are keeping a respectful distance. She stops, her back to the couple. She's rubbing herself. I am standing in front of her, watching the couple. She asks me if I can see them, and I say yes. She asks me what they are doing. "Nothing," I say. "Just standing there." This seems to get her even hotter. She's rubbing herself harder, getting wobbly in the knees, and her face has the look of bliss. "Can they see us?" she asks. 

"Yeah," I say. "I think so."

She smiles. "I'm going to cum," she says. Her head rolls back, her eyes squeeze shut, and her mouth goes slack as she shutters and moans. Then louder, she gasps. Then louder, her orgasm cries echoing off the hills. "I'm cumming," she cries.

The couple with the dog look up, but they can only see her from the back. Maybe they didn't hear. Maybe it was bird or something that caught their attention. Sound carries in snow. The couple turns and leaves. 

We give them 10 minutes or so of a head start before we, too, turn and head back to our car.

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