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She was taking a bath and feeling a little bored so she grabbed her camera. Holding it at arm's length, she snapped a self-shot, sticking out her tongue, being silly. She kind of liked how her skin glistened when wet and how her breasts looked. It was sort of naughty, and so she decided to try a sexy shot, getting her full frontal, using the self timer. She set the camera on the back of the toilet. As the counter flashed, she didn't know what to do with her hands, so she touched herself. It felt great and she was getting turned on. She wanted to try a shot from the back, but with the angle of the camera on the toliet, she needed to sort of squat and balance as she continued to touch herself. The shot sort of cut off her head, but gave a perfect view of her ass. She liked that one, as it seemed the most explicit and sexual. All three shots were funny, but she knew if she emailed them to her boyfriend, he'd like the last one. He was always in love with her ass, touching it, slapping it, fingering it when they had sex. She always liked her ass, but her pervious boyfriends had been more fixated on her boobs. Her new boyfriend loved her butt, and she knew when she sent him the images that he'd beat off to them. It was only fair, thinking about it made her so turned on, that she rubbed herself to orgasm still in the tub.

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