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Outside the University are some old stone stairs. When the weather turned warm in spring, the students would sit on the stairs between classes, some would read, some make phone calls, some chat with friends, or just take a break. It felt like liberation to see the girls wear fewer and fewer clothes--tank tops and short skirts. The warm weather and new flowers gave everyone a vigor of spring, the sexual energy that comes this time of year.

I was admiring one especially beautiful student on a break. She was sitting with her back pack in her lap, but she as wearing a skirt, and I knew if I cold get directly in front of her, I might have a small chance of catching a glimpse of her panties. Sometimes it's fun to try to guess what color panties a girl will be wearing, then steal a glance when she bends over or crosses her legs. The usual white? A flash of baby blue? Pink was always common.

Secretly, as I walked passed, I snapped a photo, trying to get as direct a line up her skirt as possible. I was disappointed at first, because her legs were held so close together, I thought there wold be no way to tell what color panties she wore. To my surprise, when I looked at the photo in full rez, I realized she had gone to school that day with no panties at all!
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