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This is a really interesting picture. Of all the vintage pictures we've seen, this is one of the most candid. There's a sense of playfulness and spontaneity. From the clothes and styles, it looks like it could have been taken in the 1920s, a time of sexual freedom, Prohibition, and jazz.

We all know the "Girls Gone Wild" videos of college girls cutting loose on Spring Break--but the roaring 20s were like one giant spring break. For the times, it was "anything goes." Women cut their hair in bobs, wore short skirts, danced and smoked and drank. And people had sex. A lot of sex. And they partied with the newest technology--driving recklessly in new cars, dancing to records, and using the new hand-held Kodak cameras to take snapshots of themselves tipping back illegal cocktails, flashing their breasts. Spring Break!

So what is happening here? Two college students? Is it a couple? Then who is taking the picture? And why? Was it two girls who ran into this tall handsome man and struck up a conversation, and the talk turned to the subject of his unusually large penis. And they said he was just boasting, and he said, no, really, see for yourself. So one of the Vassar girls held the Harvard man's member while the other sorority sister documented it for posterity.

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