We'd picked a vacation where we could escape the winter and hang out on a warm beach, doing nothing but soaking up sun. We spent many snowy evenings after work in the local bookstore flipping through travel guides. We found one called best nude beaches around the world, and had fun reading it to each other. We'd never been to a "nude" beach before. We liked being naked together, and being outdoors, but the idea of actually planning a trip to a nude beach seemed silly. Yet, she admitted casually that the topless beaches of Europe sounded fine, or the Australians' acceptance of nudity seemed pretty normal. The more we talked about it, the more eager I became. Sure, my girlfriend looks great in a bikini. We'd first thought about Hawaii, and hanging in Waikiki sounded fantastic. But I couldn't help picturing her at a nude beach. So, after considering all our options, we booked a trip to a remote beach area, off the tourist beaten path, with plenty of sunshine and sand.

We got just what we wanted--a long open beach to ourselves. She had no problem taking off her top, as she had always wanted to be able to say in her life that she'd been topless at a beach. I snapped a few photos to document her first foray into public nudity. She seemed to enjoy it and gave me a few provocative poses.

After an hour, the sun had gotten hotter and higher in the sky, but we still had the beach to ourselves. She decided that she needed to cool off with a splash in the ocean, and she'd never skinny dipped in the Ocean, and that would be one more thing to add to her list. She said she'd do it if I joined her. I agreed, so we stripped down, and splashed, and then came back to our towels to lay out and dry. As the sun warmed us, I began to feel more and more aroused. She looked beautiful and natural on her towel, totally naked under the sun. I snapped another photo. She kept her legs parted comfortably open. I could see her smooth skin, the wisps of blonde hairs she had recently trimmed. She sat up, and smiled. I snapped again. She reached down and felt her skin, brushing sand from her curls, and dipping a finger into her folds to test her wetness. The sun on her bare breasts, and my camera clicking at her exposed naked body had turned her on, too. With her fingers, she spread her lips to show me just how wet she'd become.

She touched herself as I watched, then lay back and spread her legs wide, inviting me to slide inside her. We made love on the beach, under the hot sun, the surf crashing so loud that it boomed over our moans and slap of sweaty skin. We switched positions, her on her knees, me taking her from behind. This felt primitive, like animals copulating. We could look up and down the empty beach. We had it all to ourselves, like Adam and Eve in the Garden. We could fuck and scream as loud as we wanted. The surf kept pounding and didn't care. We both had crashing orgasms on the beach, which we added to the list of things to do before you die.

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