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We always knew that Amanda and James were the type of couple everyone looks at. They were both the types that came from the best gene pool, went to great schools, and always drew people around them at cocktail parties with their warm smiles and easy laughs. When you stood by them, they always made eye contact with you, with a gleam in their eye, like they shared a secret with you, and even if they were talking to someone else, you had the sense that they'd rather be talking just to you. It was reinforced by a light touch on the arm, just as the group broke into laughter, as if to say, that joke was just for you. James was not a big guy, but built trim and tall enough. He had a sharp angular features, broad shoulders that filled out a suit. Amanda was petite, like a little bird. She had tiny breasts that barely filled out a cocktail dress. In fact, whenever she'd dip forward, her dress would swoop. Eyes would dart down, hoping for a glance of pale cleavage, but it was always elusive. Odd as it sounds, it became a point of conversation among the other women behind her back. They'd say, "Oh she's so perfect, and her diamond necklace was so pretty tonight, but she certainly didn't fill out that dress!" But it was only being catty. Whether they admitted it or not, everyone wanted to be just like Amanda and James. They were so enchanting, that we immediately accepted their invitation to go to the south of France.

We couldn't wait to kick back on the famous French beaches, and had to admit, we were excited to be going with James and Amanda. They would instantly raise our profile as travelers, and they seemed to know all the hidden, charming places to go. They had gone each year since their honeymoon, and were going to show us how to vacation like the French. We had no idea how true that would be until the first day at the beach, when Amanda stripped down to her bikini, and then continued by stripping off her top. There were the tiny, but perky breasts so many had talked about, conjectured about, and longed to see. They were small, but in the French sunlight, seemed perfect. Her nipples were dark and erect. If we harbored secret crushes on her before, it was now absolutely official.

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