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Animal Game

One of her favorite things to do was an activity she called the "animal game." It was part social experiment, and part just for fun. She said that her sexual libido was never constant. Sometimes she'd go through a period where all she could think about was sex and she'd masturbate three or four times a day, and sometimes she could go weeks without even a fleeting thought about sex. She wondered if she was normal, and the more research she did, the more she realized that most animals only have sex at certain times, like dogs in heat, or elk in rut. She thought, humans are just mammals. Maybe I go in and out of "heat."

She read about wild horses. When the female horse went into heat, all the stallions would try to mount her. She watched a documentary where she saw this real life scene take place. It turned her on more than she could ever expect. She saw the stallions rear up and hick and bite and battle over the mare, like she expected. It was a powerful site to see the mustangs vying for a chance to mate, but it was even more surprising and sexy to see that as the two dominate stallions grappled, a whole band of other stallions circled the mare, and one at a time, mounted her. One after the other, they climbed up behind her, pumped and shot their loads of sperm, and then slipped off to let one of their friends take a turn. It was raw and visceral, seeing the mare taken time and time again.

Seeing the documentary on wild horses made her seriously wonder about how the horses in the wild had evolved that social interaction. In college, she had been taught the theory of survival of the fittest. In this case, the most dominant stallion battles all the weaker stallions, then impregnates the female, so his, and only his genes are passed on. In this way, each generations' strongest survive, and the weaker don't breed. But she had just seen that the dominant stallion was so busy fighting, that he didn't even get a chance to take the mare. All the other male horses were getting their chance. Afterwards, the mare would go off with the dominant stallion, where she would raise her young. Perhaps that was the secret the horses had discovered: it's good to have a strong mate for the day-to-day of living, but when it comes to sex, it's good to get a little from the whole circle.

So, she invented her experiment, the "Animal game." Basically, when she was feeling "in heat," she'd go to a public, but fairly secluded park, lay out a blanket, and wait for a guy, or group of guys to pass by. She'd slip off her coat to reveal something sexy, like a gater and stockings, and then "present" herself to the men. The experiment was if the men would act like "civilized" humans and say, "no thank you, we don't know you." Or if some part of their animal brain, from thousands of generations past, would snap in and take over.

She found her experiment worked. Just liked wild horses, as soon as one started, the others would circle around, waiting their turn. She tried to never talk, but only make animal sounds, like grunts, squeals, moans. She was always on all fours, like an animal, her backside open and exposed. She loved being on her forth or fifth mate, feeling filled, overflowing with cum, mixing together with each thrust, running down her legs, churning inside her. This was the survival of the fittest, she thought. This is the mix of ancient genes of ancient generations swimming in me now.

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