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Camping with Colette

One summer in college, I worked on a dude ranch in the Rockie Mountains. Most of  the guests were families with kids, or wealthy men who came for the world-class fly fishing. I was a wrangle, in charge of the horses and giving trail rides, and sometimes taking the kids out for an overnight campfire. It was pretty fun work, but long hard hours, little pay, working alone a lot, and not having anyone else my age.

That changed for the one week Colette came to visit. She came with her two older brothers, a sibling retreat. They were in their early 40s, big bulky men with the beginnings of male pattern baldness and the middle-age paunch. They were stock brokers or investment bankers, and this was the late 90s, and times were good. They had decided to come West for a couple weeks to fish. They invited their sister, Colette, who was 34, a psychologist, now living in Southern California.

The first few days, I took the three of them trail riding. I liked them ok, but being a hired hand for the summer, and a college student, it wasn't like we were best buds. Colette was cute, in a way, but she was at least 12 years older than me, and at that age, that was so far beyond comprehension. When I was in high school as a sophomore, I dated a senior, two years older than me, and that was a big deal. Even just two years at that age meant a gap in growing up references like music and movies. I couldn't possibly imagine getting involved with Colette. 12 years older just seemed wrong. She had gone to grad school, started a career, bought a condo. I was still getting meals at the student union.

After the first couple days, the two brothers were saddle sore, and decided they had no more interest in horse riding and just wanted to be packed into the high country for a week of fly fishing. I hitched their gear to a couple pack mules and we all headed up into the high country. It takes almost a day to ride in, but it's worth it. The brothers could be alone in Wind River wilderness, just them, a campfire, and fishing rods. We dropped them off with food, but they would also catch fresh brook trout for their meals. For them, it was going to be perfect. In fact, they'd pulled out a bottle of scotch and were passing it back and forth. They invited me to imbibe.

By the time we set up camp, we were all pretty hammered. The evening was starting to fall, and I had to head back. I made sure they had everything, and turned to go, when Colette decided she wanted to come back to the ranch, too. She told her brothers that they deserved a "guys" week to fish, and that she, a horse lover as a little girl, would be much happier doing daily trail rides.

Everyone seemed fine with the new plan, so I saddled her horse and the two of us headed back toward the ranch.

Night began to fall. To ride in the moonlight was nothing new for me. My horse picked the trail sure-footed. Colette was pretty tired, though, and a bit drunk. She wanted to stop and make camp for the night. I explained that I should get us back to the ranch, but she argued that since she and her brothers were the only guests, did it really matter if we returned at midnight or in the morning? I was about to tell her, it really wasn't a problem, but before I could explain, she leaned over a kissed me. Maybe it was the whisky buzz, or the moonlight, or romance of horses and the open West, but suddenly I was very attracted to Colette.

We dismounted and hobbled our horses. I made camp and she unrolled her sleeping bag. I built us a nice campfire. We both crawled into her sleeping bag. We kissed more. And then, without having to say anything, we both stripped off our clothes at once.

We made love under the stars by firelight. In the morning, we made love again by the smoldering ashes. I got up to pee and rekindle the fire. Standing naked in the wilderness, skin salty with dried sweat. My cock long and large from making love, coated in a mix of our juices now dry. It felt very primitive, raw, earthy and sexual. I walked to the edge of camp, but in plain sight of her, pissed. My pale urine spattered on a rock. I watched the rock turn color with the wetness. Colette got up, her legs bowed and wobbly from horse riding and sex. She walked up toward me, and if to say that she was just a rugged as me, she squatted and pissed on a rock. She let herself drip dry and shook off the last drops. It shocked me how open she was in front of me. But in the rising heat of the summer morning, the insects humming in the air, and the horses grazing in the distance, it seemed perfectly natural.

I should have been hungry and hung-over, but being in the fresh air, and the excitement of sex with someone for the first time, I felt purely alive. In fact, I don't know if I have ever felt so good, so completely alive on the planet. We walked to a small lake and skinny dipped, and then warmed up in the sun. We kissed in the lake. We lay out on the sandy bank, and I watched the water dry in her golden curls. I rolled over and put my face between her legs, inhaled the musky scent and began to lick her. I had given college girlfriends oral sex, but this felt so much more sexual. Colette lay on her back in the sand. Her arms and legs spread eagle in the sun, as I sucked and slurped at her swollen sex. She knew just what she wanted, she'd hold her labia open with her fingers and grind her clit onto my chin and tip of my nose as my tongue thrust inside her. As she climaxed, she grabbed my hair and forced my face to her cunt as she spasmed.

She acted like a woman starved for sex. As soon as she finished cumming, she flipped me over and took me into her mouth. My college girlfriends never gave great head. They tended to lick like a lollipop and when they did take me into their mouth, scrape me with their teeth. Not Colette. She knew exactly what she was doing and sucked every drop of cum from the very core of my balls up through my hard stiff cock.

That day is a blur. I can't recall what order we did what in. I know we fucked and then swam and then fucked. My cock was never fully soft before she was ready for more. We were both sunburned, sandy, sore. Drymouth, hungover, hungry, and feeling like Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden, the only man with the only woman, naked in the wildreness, with nothing else to do but fulfill every bodily urge.

We did 69 on the shore. I took her from behind on her knees. She rode me, bouncing up and down on my cock as she pinched her swollen nipples. She had no inhibition. I had never been fucked so hard or so freely.

We napped in the shade, on her sleeping bag.

At one point I got up to pee again. Right when I was about to let loose a stream, she slipped up behind me, wrapped her arms around me and held my cock. "Let me help," she said. And the first, and only time in my life, a woman held my penis as I peed. She said she loved to feel my cock as the liquid went through, that it was something she could never feel as a woman. I wondered how many of her older boyfriends she'd done this with, but I tried to block those thoughts. It didn't matter. It was just her and me and she was giving me a sexual education of a lifetime.

She tapped my cock to shake it out, and her warm hands and their motion made my cock grow again to hardness. She stroked very slowly as first, as my erection grew. I could feel her pubic curls pressing behind me into my bare buttock. It felt new and exciting to have a woman behind me, her hand slowly pumping my cock and pushing her pelvis as if to hump me from behind. Then I felt one of her hands reach down between us. She rubbed her clit for a while, moaning into the back of my neck. I began to get more excited, thinking maybe she'd stroke me and touch her self and make us both cum at the same time. I didn't realize she was just wetting her finger.

I felt it circling and then gently pressing into my butt. Mentalyy I was shocked. No one had every done that before, and being shocked and uncertain, I wasn't sure it I liked it, but my body was way ahead of me. My cock sprang to full erection. Waves of pleasure surged through my body. She held me, pressed her bare breasts against my bare back. Her right hand firmly wrapped around my cock and her left handslowly sliding her finger into my ass. The sun beat down, the birds chirped. The water in the brook burbled. I couldn't believe I was standing fully naked in a mountain meadow, with a naked woman pressed up behind me, slowly masturbating me and fingerfucking my ass. It was too much, a sensation overload, and as she stroked my cock in time with the thrusts of her fingers, I shot my wad through the air and onto the rock.

She gently slipped her fingers out and we walked, naked, back to our camp.

We knew we would have to go eventually, so we started to pack up. I loved watching her bend over to grab something. Her labia was rosy and swollen from all our sex. Her breasts were large and natural. Her hair was dyed blonde, and the roots showed, and it was something I'd first noticed about her and thought looked fake. I realized in Southern California, her hair and makeup was just part of the culture there; but here in the mountains, without makeup, her hair tangled and wild, she was truly a beautiful woman.

When we saddled the horses, I took her from behind. Pulled down her pants to her knees and opened mine. My cock was hard again, ready to rise to more sex. I thrust it at her like a greek satyr. Her body still wet from excitement and cum, but she stopped me, and said that she was simply too sore. My heart sank, and the disappointment almost turned to anger, until I felt her take my hard shaft and direct it slightly up. She pushed her hips back.

I didn't know what she was doing. It seemed like I wasn't in the right spot and not even penetrating her. I couldn't really tell what was happening, other than she was pushing and I was pushing and we were trying to have sex, but it wasn't working. Then the tip of my cock popped into her. It was held by the tight muscles of her ass, and I realized, finally, what she was trying to do. I'd never had anal sex before. I'd tried it once with a college girlfriend, but we'd only gotten it in a little before she asked me to stop.

Colette wasn't asking to stop, but asking me to do deeper, harder. Apparently, she loved anal, and I had been to inexperienced to even consider trying it. She wiggled her butt back, forcing my cock deeper into her as she leaned forward on the saddle. The horse, a trained cowboy horse, didn't even blink. I loved it. She leaned against the horse as I shoved my cock up her ass. She loved it too and begged me for more, harder, faster.

I fucked her hard and fast, as she wanted, shot my cum deep in her ass, and then buckled up. She looked at me in a dizzy daze. Her knees were weak, and I helped her hitch up her pants and climb up on her horse.

Our ride down the mountain was quiet. The hangovers, the hunger, the lack of sleep, it all started hitting us as we slowly descended. We were happy, and sore, and at least I was euphoric in my newly discovered sex ed. But there was an unmistakable melancholy in the air. We both knew she'd go back to her career; I'd return to college. I wasn't going to drop out of school senior year to live in her condo in Southern California anymore than she was going to quit her private practice to live in my dorm.

But we had a few days before she and her brothers would leave. We had the horses, the trails, the mountains. We would fuck every possible moment together, in this hyper-romantic setting, in the hay loft of the barn, in the meadow by the creek.  We would enjoy every possible second, knowing it would never be this way again.

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