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This had turned out to be the best mystery yet. Velma had started by seducing Fred, the good-looking leader of their gang. That lead to a 3-way with Fred and his girlfriend Daphne. Then the girls seduced Shaggy and had another 3-way. Then Velma and Shaggy had an anal quickie on the stairs of the haunted mansion. And when Velma told Daphne about it, Daphne pulled out her strap-on and the girls had some more fun.

Velma's head was spinning and her knees were weak. She felt like she'd expereinced everything sexual she possibly could. Until she was outside in the spooky woods with both Fred and Shaggy. Suddenly she realized she wanted to feel Shaggy fuck her in her ass again, while she sucked on Fred's beautiful cock.

Now that everyone in the gang has slept with everyone, in every combination, they're happy and ready for more mysteries to solve.


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