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In college, I went with a girlfriend back home to see her family on break. Although we were essentially living together in the the dorms on campus, we slept in separate rooms. The only place we could steal a little privacy was in the bathroom, when we could both go in to brush teeth. As soon as we shut the door, we went at it. There was a real thrill to sneaking behind their backs.

Even though most people all have the same stuff in their bathrooms, when you're in a new place, there's something about wanting to look at everything and open all the drawers. Seeing an electric tooth brush, a hair brush, I asked my girlfriend if she had ever tried out a bathroom object for masturbation purposes. "Yeah," she said. "What haven't I tried?"

The bathroom, as if it wasn't already sexually charged enough, took on a whole new level, as I imagined my girlfriend, back in high school, testing out each and every object in the bathroom. How many on these things on the countertop had been in her pussy, I wondered.

"So after you tested everything," I said, "what was your favorite?"

"The curling iron," she said, as if it was obvious.


She looked at me with a smirk. "Duh."

"Then show me," I said.

And she gladly demonstrated.

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