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Sometimes she'd like to get out the old pictures they took together. She had about a dozen, showing them in various sexual acts. She loved the image of his cock penetrating her. Seeing those images got her excited, and she'd retrieve her 10" rubber dong from the dresser drawer. She'd give it a lathering in KY Jelly, and then lay back and hold it at her entrance, slowly rubbing up and down her pussy lips, twisting in small circles as the thick rubber head slowly eased into her. Slowly, gently, he'd work the first few inches of the dong inside her, and begin to pump. She'd raise her hips to meet it's push, grazing her clit, which was becoming enlarged and swollen. Soon, she'd become wet. Her body would relax and accept the thick cock all the way. That's when she wanted to feel it deep, and hard. She'd roll over onto her knees, straddle her toy, and push herself down. It poked inside. She felt it in her belly, and she loved it.

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