Her favorite thing about the new pool was not the swimming, but rather it was jumping into the unheated water, and then laying in the sun, slowly warming back up. At first, she swam in her suit, but after the first week, she saw that her neighbors were never home in the day. They'd saved up for a while to afford the pool. Her husband was doing well in his work, and she was working part-time form home as a freelancer. It was her pool and her yard, and she should have the right to skinny dip, she decided. So she did.

She'd dive in the cold water, and then get out, dripping on the cement patio. She loved the feeling of being totally naked outside. She loved how the cold pinched her nipples. She loved the sun warming her numb skin. It'd make her aroused, being naked, and drip-drying in the summer sun. As she lay back on her towel, sometimes she'd fantasize about her husband coming home and seeing her, and taking her. Sometimes (although she would never admit this to her husband) she fantasied it was someone else finding her. Maybe the UPS driver coming around back because he needed her to sign for a package. Ok, so maybe a UPS guy would never go into anyone's backyard, but it was a fantasy, and in her imagination, that was perfectly natural. And it was natural for him to see her, and take her on the spot. Like a movie, in the first shot he's totally dressed. In the next shot he's totally naked, and she's on her back, legs open, as he's inserting his large, hard cock into her. Next shot she's having an orgasm, and then cut, he's gone. No need for goodbyes.

It wasn't exactly a rape fantasy, because the strange man wasn't taking her against her will. No, she wanted it. It wasn't force, but it was forceful. It totally turned her on to imagine a new large cock that wasn't her husband's pushing its way up into her. This became such a powerful idea for her that she brought a new toy, a 10" vibrator shaped like a large cock. She didn't tell her husband, and kept it stashed in her drawer with her swimsuit. In the afternoons, in the hottest part of the day, she'd take it and her towel out back.

She hasn't been caught yet, by her neighbors, by her husband, or by the UPS man, but she could, and that makes it even better.

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