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My laptop recently crashed so I asked my girlfriend if I could borrow hers to check email. She must have been very trusting, or thought that she didn't have anything to hide. Of course, the first thing I did was look at her browser history and bookmarks. I couldn't find any indication that she'd looked at any porn, which made me sort of sad. In some ways, I was hoping to find out some sort of little hidden secret sexy side to her.

I started snooping in her photo folders. Most were pretty boring, and I hate to say, were of her cat. She had literally hundreds of photos, of friends, family, vacations. They were all so standard, so regular. The typical point the camera, make a face, or go to city and shoot the typical tourist sites. I found one folder that was really old named spring break Mexico. I almost didn't dare open it, because that was long before we were dating, and I didn't want to find any images of my girl with another guy.

Looking at someone's private photos is like a pandoras box: once you start, you can't stop, and what you find out could destroy you. Luckily, among all the stupid shots of her and her girlfriends sipping giant margaritas and trying to wind surf and pictures of palm trees and the hotel they stayed at and ferry boat they took, I found one image, one single revealing image of her and her friends on a white rock beach, topless, posing for the camera.

At first glance, it seemed a relief. It was a fairly safe image, and my eyes immediately went to the girl on the left (not my girlfriend). I found her very hot. Then I looked at the girl on the right, and noticed her lovely breasts. So full and firm in those college years! That's when I noticed my girlfriend's hand, wrapped around her waste, holding the girl's hand. Was it just friendship? Was it just for the pose? Or maybe more? I had expected to find a series of images of her with a college boyfriend. What if there was a reason she didn't have a boyfriend that year?

Maybe she did have a secret in her past. I was dying to find out, but didn't know how to ask without revealing that I'd snooped in her private photos.

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