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If you were a teenage boy in the mid-80s, Summer Lovers would be the perfect documentary of your greatest fantasy.

The film begins with a montage of a Greek beach, packed with young college students on summer break. There are boobies. Lots and lots of sun-bronzed boobies. And it's instantly nostalgic, a time long before "Girls Gone Wild," when the absolute hottest thing in movies was the shower scene in Porky's.

In Porky's and the films to follow, like Revenge of the Nerds, our protagonist are awkward teens, trying to get the girls, but always spying from an awkward distance. In Summer Lovers, our male lead not only gets the girl--but he gets two.

Peter Gallagher (in the days before he was a hyper-tanned self-parody) and his girlfriend (the young and pretty damn hot at the time) Daryl Hannah go to Greece for their summer break post-graduation. They settle into a white-washed villa perched above a Greece cliff, overlooking the Mediterranean.

They visit sites, they soak up sun, they get on each others nerves. Some bad dialog ensues. And our guy Gallagher meets and then hits on a young French woman, who is supposedly an archeologist on a major dig. Yeah, right. But that's beside the point, folks. The main concern is the big dilemma of what to do when you are a early 80s stud muffin in short shorts and you are torn between your hot American girlfriend, and your new French fling.

Luckily for the lame-ass whiny boy, his hot American girlfriend steps up. She not only introduces herself to her new competition, but invites her over to drink ouzo. Sadly, Daryl never really gets naked in any shot, and we never get beyond implication for girl-girl action, but with an R rating in the early 80s, well, what can you expect.

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