Jut before summer ended, we had a nice, warm day. She stood in the backyard, her face turned toward the sun, her eyes closed, feeling the sun's warmth on her eye lids. "I'd really like to be naked," she said.

"You should," I said.

"But the neighbors," she said.

We did have neighbors on two sides of the yard, behind fences. Chances are, they weren't in their back yards, and even if they were, they'd have to be looking into our backyard to really see.

"I dare you to," I said.

"For how long?"

"For as long as you dare," I said.

She didn't need any more prompting. She quickly stripped. "Here," I said, grabbing the camera, "let's document this."

It was a lovely send off to summer. Now it is far too cold, even though she knows she is brave enough.
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