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Scott's story:
We were on vacation and met a cool couple staying at our hotel. I am a devoted and faithful husband, but I couldn't help noticing Amanda, our new friend. She had blonde hair, blue eyes...a classic beach babe look, the kind of woman I fantasied about as a teenager. It was hard enough not to stare as we hung out by the pool, especially when she rubbed sun screen on her arms and legs. As she moved, I noticed the edge of her nipples would sometimes peel from her new bikini top. I tried not to look, but once I saw what was happening, I couldn't help it. I needed to save the moment, so grabbed my digital camera, and took a few shots of the hotel, the pool, my wife, her husband, pretending to be documenting the whole general experience. I turned to her and she crossed her arms like she didn't want her picture taken, but with a click, it was done. Afterwards, I checked my results and was happy to see, I'd captured a hint of what I'd seen that day. I've cropped out her head here, for her privacy, but hope readers enjoy.

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