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Bottons Up!

There's few things that turn me on more than when she bends over on her knees, revealing the curve of her backside, the cleft of her butt, with the thin hair, usually hidden, open to my sight. I love her full lips, her small pucker of her pretty anus. She loves to be gently spanked, pinched and licked from behind like this, until we are both too turned on to restrain ourselves any longer. She loves to be taken in the back, slowly and gently, until her body relaxes and can accommodate my cock. Then she likes me to go fast and harder, so she can feel my balls slapping on her pussy lips. She says by keeping her knees together, she can keep pressure on her clitoris. Usually, we'll both end with crashing, powerful orgasms. And I love that sometimes she's not even fully undressed.

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