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I'm sure there was nothing actually sexy about being captured by pirates. But ever since I was young, I had more of a romantic idea of pirates, perhaps from the movies. Perhaps the real pirates of long ago were terrifying, but to me they are handsome actors in ruffled shirts and tall leather leather boots. And there is something very sexy about the idea of being taken, used by swashbucklers on the high seas.

In my fantasy, I am a daughter of a wealthy sugar cane plantation owner. Having turned of proper age, I am to board a ship back to England, where I will live with relatives and finish my schooling, and my parents hope, be introduced to the right eligible young men of upper class society.

My ship is attacked by pirates before we even clear the Caribbean. I am taken prisoner, bound by hands and feet. By the custom of the sea, I am handed over first to the pirates' captain.

"Please be kind, Sir," I beg him.

"Don't fret, lass," he says. He looks over my naked body, and runs his coarse, calloused hands over my soft skin. He cups my small, firm breasts in his hand and squeezes, as if testing the freshness of a fruit. Then his hand brushes over the small patch of my curls. Then without warning, he inserts his finger inside me. He pokes at me and then withdraws, and inspects his finger. "You are a virgin, then?" he says.

I nod. My father has forbade me to interact with any of the local boys, as they are not of my class and lineage, as he claims.

"Now be calm," the Captain whispered into my ear as he laid me onto his bed, still naked and bound. "Your virginhood will be safe and sound 'til we reach the market. But your other two holes will be given due use 'til then! You should count yourself lucky, my beauty, a virgin fetches a very fine price in this parts, and so you are valuable to me in that state. Otherwise, you would be burden ... Now just relax and give me your arse. I'll provide your virgin brown hole a pirate education."

Without further word, the captain sodomizes me on his berth. It is painful and I am terrified about his mention of the market, where men are sold as slaves and women to the service of the brothels. I had hoped to be protected for ransom, but the chances of that seem less likely as the ship sails due course farther and farther from my home.

The captain uses me for a week, then he turns me over to the crew as a reward for their bravery in the attack on my ship. My ankles are lashed to the wheels of a canon, and then I am bent over the barrel of the canon, and my wrists tied to the other two wheels.

The captain has passed on the strict orders that under penatly of a keel haul, no one is to deflower me. My already violated ass, though, is fair game. As is my mouth. The men line up by rank, and take turns ramming their cocks in my bum, while some force me to take their members into my mouth. Some return a second and third time. Some, impatient for their turn, jack off, spraying their cum in my hair and on my back. "Please ... stop ... I can't take any more!" I cry as one pirate pulls out his spent cock and another steps up to ram his into my ass.

"Can't take any more?" says the pirate behind me, "You'd be surprised how much you can take, miss."

After a long day, my body is covered in semen. It soaks my hair, drips from my chin, oozes out of my ass. I have been raped from dawn until dusk, and I assume I will be unbound and allowed to clean up.

I am sadly mistaken. Water is poured down my throat and I am told to swallow or spit. I try to swallow as much of the water as I can, knowing that another day in the exposed sun will surely burn and dehydrate me.

I am left alone in the moonlight. I wonder what a pitiful sight I am. I realize I have not relieved myself all day, and finally, my body has relaxed enough to realize I have to urinate. There is no recourse. I dare not care over the one sentinel on watch for fear of what he may do in the cover of dark. So I have no choice but to left go, felling the warm trickle of piss run down my already cum-soaked legs.

To be continued....
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