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Devine 69

When I first began to explore sexuality with R____, we soon discovered the joy of mutual and simultaneous oral sex. It seemed so beautiful that to call it simply "69" was an insult. Somehow we decided to call it "the position of the gods." Our logic, if you could call it that, was that in Greek mythology the gods were both male and female and all equally powerful. Therefore, we figured that the gods must love a position where the man and woman are equally powerful, influencing and being influenced by the other, just as in all the stories we'd read.

Of course I loved it when our love making became passionate and she'd straddle me, press her wet pussy onto my mouth as she took me, hard, in hers. But I especially liked the slow days, when we'd have no where to go and nothing to do but lay naked together. Sometimes we'd roll toward each other, head to foot, and slowly, gently taste each other. It was so passionate, so intimate. We explored almost everything sexual together. Years have passed and we're no longer together. But I still remember R with love and those slow, tender times sharing together "the position of the gods."

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