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New image turn up, homer affair with Lurleen Lumpkin not plutonic.

SPRINGFIELD--The Lurleen Lumpkin affair began in March, 1992, after a reported quarrel between Homer and Marge Simpson, regarding Mr. Simpson’s public disruption at a movie theater. Witnesses say that following the marital dispute, Mr. Simpson was seen the Beer 'N' Brawl, where waitress Lurleen Lumpkin was performing on stage.

Several days later, Simpson was spotted at the mobile home park where Lumpkin lived. The two were then seen at a recording studio, where Lumpkin recorded her first song. The song received airplay on the Springfield station.

Mr. Simpson publicly announced his relation to Lumpkin as her manager. “He bought an expensive white cowboy suit which he wears at home,” said Mrs. Simpson. Mrs. Simpson reported that she was upset with her husband’s involvement in the career of the rising country star, and inquired if he was having an affair.

The Simpson family gathered at the recording studio with Lumpkin to record more of her songs. Her second single, "Bagged Me a Homer", lead Marge to gnash her teeth in anger, eye-witnesses reported.

Mr. Simpson booked Lumpkin a gig on country western television series Ya-Hoo!. Sources report that prior to her performance, Mr. Simpson and Lumpkin spent the night in her mobile home, where she performed her latest song, “Bunk with me tonight.” Mr. Simpson claims that he refused the sexual advances of Ms. Lumpkin.

During her television performance, Mr. Simpson was approached by a business agent seeking to buy Lumpkin’s contact. Homer refused, the agent claimed. After a brief private discussion in the dressing room of Ms. Lumpkin, Mr. Simpson returned to the agent and sold Lumpkin’s contract for $50.

“We watched the Ya-Hoo! show at home together that evening, in bed, naked,” said Mrs. Simpson. Ms. Lumpkin publicly stated that Homer had refused her advances, adding, she hopes Marge knows how lucky she is. “We thought everything was settled then,” said Mrs. Simpson.
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