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I knew she masturbated, of course. But I'd never simply asked her how she did it and what she liked. She told me she really liked it in the morning, right when she woke up or right after her shower. This made sense, as she always seemed to be "awake" when she woke up, unlike me, who needs about 3 cups of coffee before I can even form words.

I always assumed she'd lay on her back, rub her clit with her fingertip. I was surprised to learn that she in fact liked to be sitting up, on her knees. She loved to fantasize about being taken from behind. One morning when I stayed over and she was feeling extra awake and frisky, I asked her to demonstrate her private technique for me.

She started out laying on her stomach and rolling around on her blankets. She slipped a pillow between her legs and humped it. As she got more and more excited, she raised her hips and sat back onto her knees. Her hand reached back behind her and slipped into her. She began to push it in and out, deeper and deeper with each thrust. She was really getting into it, moving closer and closer to orgasm. Then I realized which hole her finger was in, pushed as deep as it would go, hard as it could thrust.

We'd never tried anal before, but she was clearly showing me exactly what she liked.

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