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Last Call

Riding home on the MAX on Friday night, just after the clubs had all closed. Girls out dancing, dressed in their "I'm hot and feeling sexy" outfits. I was going home from working late. The girl was sitting in the seat opposite me. We were the only ones on the train. She swayed to her seat and flopped down, obviously tipsy. Her skirt fell open and she just laughed. She looked at me, not embarrassed in anyway. She was either very drunk, or just really loved attention. I asked if I could take her picture with my cel phone (this is why so small) and she raised her skirt a bit more to not only show more skin but that she wasn't wearing any underwear, and then smiled.

Unfortunately my stop was before hers. I went back home to my wife and she went home to...pass out? A boyfriend? A toy? It was enough to fuel my imagination that night.

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