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The “Lost” issue of Playdude featuring Marge Simpson, wife of Homer Simpson of Springfield, and star of the popular television series, The Simpsons, has been located, Springfield news anchor Kent Brockman reported.

Held by Moe Szslak, owner of Moe’s Tavern. “I’ve had’z it for years,” said Szslak. “But I never could brings myself to tell Homer.”

Szyslak, Homer Simpson, and friend Barney Gumble were roommates following high school. Gumble describes happy times with the three friends, watching tv, drinking beers, and trying to find dates.

The high school friends and roommates shared expenses and a subscription to Playdude. Szylak had found the issue of Marge (then Bouvier) in the mailbox before Gumble or Simpson. He kept the issue to himself. “Homer and Midge weren’t even a thing then,” said Szylak. “A prom date don’t make no one ‘off limits.’”

The Playdude issue of Marge Simpson is what started Szylak’s long-term infatuation with Mrs Simpson, he told reporters. “Hey, I don’t get hot for a MILF with three kids. Ok, maybe I do, but seeing Midge in her early 20s, that was what sealed the deal.”

Szylak is in current possession of the issue. Ownership rights to the copy of Playdude is disputed, with each of three former roommates having a possible legal claim.

Sources say that Mrs. Simpson bought all known copies and had destroyed after fame and success of Simposon’s television series.

Comic Book Guy has offered Szylak a bid of an undisclosed amount for the issue.
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