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The latest in an ongoing scandal of mother and TV star Marge Simpson.

SPRINGFIELD—A new magazine has been found, featuring explicit images of Marge Simpson, wife of Homer Simpson of Springfield, and star of the popular television series, The Simpsons.

The January, 2008, issue of Playtoon magazine contains explicit images of Mrs. Simpson. Playtoon is far more explicit than the relatively tame pinup style images appearing Playboy and Playdude, according to Comic Book Guy.

The scandal comes after the recent public apology issued by Mrs. Simpson, where she explained her posing in an earlier issue of Playdude magainze as a result of being young, naïve, and “needing the money.”

The motivation for Mrs. Simpson’s more explicit series of images in Playtoon could be attributed to “the thrill of getting caught,” explained Dr. Marvin Monroe. Everyone has an exhibitionist side, wanting attention, notice, said Monroe, but fame and need for public recognition can lead to sex addiction. Marge has a very addictive personality, as seen in previous problems with gambling and drinking, the Springfield Psychotherapist sited, labeling Mrs, Simpson, “a woman out of control of her own impulses.”

“This is a diddly of a pickle,” said neighbor Ned Flanders.
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