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New developments in Simpson scandal over Marge Simpson's recent appearance in both Playboy and Playdude magazines.

SPRINGFIELD—Playdude’s announcement of upcoming issue featuring Marge Simpson, wife of Homer Simpson of Springfield, and star of the popular television series, The Simpsons, has lead to alleged rumors of Marge appearing in previous issue of Playdude.

“This would certainly explain Marge’s strong reaction to uncovering Homer’s Playdude collection,” said Dr. Marvin Monroe, the Springfield psychotherapist.

Sources say that Mr. Simpson secretly stashed his stack of Playdudes for years, until Mrs. Simpson discovered them and forced Homer to get rid of them.

Mrs. Simpson's strong reaction to Mr. Simpson's collection of Playdudes raised questions for some, who know that the Simpson's series is peppered with allusions to Marge and Homer's frisky bedroom life. Throughout the 20-year span of the Simpsons, Mrs. Simpson is regularly dropping hints about "special snuggles." She is seen in provocative negligee, bath towels, and sometimes with only her blue hair covering her like Lady Godiva. Viewers may recall episodes where Homer and Marge get busy in motels, backseats, and even the Windmill of a mini-golf course.

“Marge has always been a cool [burp] lady,” said Barney Gumble, friend of Homer and Marge. “They’re always getting it on. I don’t [burp] know why she’d have a problem with a Homer’s old collection of Playdudes.”

“We’re on it,” said police chief Clancy Wiggum.
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