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Same Room

We finally got up the nerve to put an ad on Craigslist for MW4MW. We had never done any swinging before, so we decided to take it slow and post for same room. I was 34 and she 28. The couple we met were probably 10 years older than us. Very social a pretty good looking. They'd been swinging for years. They promised to take things at out own pace. 

We agreed to meet for drinks, and then afterwards, the couple got a motel room and invited us in to relax. They suggested we'd all be more comfortable if we just took off our clothes and hung out. So we did. We were both super nervous. But the new couple, let's call them Carter and Carol, made us more at ease. Carter had a large cock. He had it totally shaved. It sort of instantly turned me off. Carol and he definitely looked to be "in the lifestyle."

Carol suggested we just take is slow and easy and maybe the women could just suck each of their husband's cocks, as she said this, she kneeled down in front of Carter and took him in her mouth. My wife followed suit.  Soon Carter and I were both hard and getting our cocks sucked by our wives. Carter's already thick member seemed to get even bigger. My wife wasn't as experienced at giving head as Carol, it was obvious, but she was enjoying it and into what she was doing. I couldn't help but watch Carol expertly maneuver her mouth on Carter. It was like watching a porn movie close up, and perfectly clear and with real live sound right in front of me of every slurp and gulp. She was giving it to Carter so hard and sure, that I could tell he was about to shoot his load. I felt my own body respond, and began to tense. Carter clenched and thrusts his hips forward as cum gushed from his cock and Carol swallowed. At that moment, I shot my load into my wife's eager mouth.

After that we cleaned up, got dressed, and said our goodbyes. We wanted to have a little test of what it was like, and we'd gotten just that. We told Carter and Carol we'd keep their number and maybe give them a ring sometime. On the car ride home, I was quiet as I drove, wondering what my wife had thought of the whole experience. She'd put her seat back, perhaps to rest. Then at a stop light, I glanced over and noticed that she wasn't sleeping, but that she'd slipped a hand into her pants. I didn't say anything and pretended I hadn't seen. I wanted her to have her moment. It was clear that she was rubbing herself. She continued as we drove, bringing herself to a shuttering orgasm a few blocks from our house.

As we pulled up in the drive, I already knew that Carter and Carol had sent an email thanking us for a nice time. And I knew next friday, we'd be seeing them again.

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