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Before the internet most people got their only Sex Ed in school. Before that, there was no formal Sex Ed. Parents were not forthcoming with useful information, and invented stories about storks or birds and bees or cabbage patches, or simply, "blessings from God." So it was up to a young woman to ask her best friend, or older sister about exactly what the birds and the bees did. Gretchen asked her friend Helen, who was engaged to be marriage. Helen gladly agreed to tell her all she knew, and use her beau as an example.

Helen first stripped naked and told Gretchen to do the same. They compared breasts, and tights, buttocks, and the thatch of curls between their legs. Gretchen was relieved to know that Helen has also grown hair in the same areas and had swelled in the bosom, too. Helen's father was the town's physician, and Helen has found a medical book in his study, and had memorized the proper Latin names. She pointed out her labia major and minor, her mons pubis, and her clitoris. She showed Gretchen how to rub the clitoris to produce a terrific sensation. Helen proceeded to manipulate her fingers over her clitoris and labia until she writhed with spasms, as if having a sudden attack of epilepsy. Gretchen feared for her friend, but as Helen's breathing and spasms subsided, she smiled. Following Helen's demonstration, she had Gretchen sit on the chair and open her legs. She instructed Gretchen to touch her self as Helen had done. Gretchen tried, and found to her surprise, she'd become quite dampened. Helen helped her, providing a rhythm and pace. And soon Gretchen felt the strangest sensation. Her insides seemed to buckle and all her nerves were at attention. Her body tensed in spasms and released in wave after crashing wave of emotion. She wasn't sure if the emotion was joy or pain or happiness or fear or all of them mixed together, but it was a sensation she'd never felt before. That is female orgasm, Helen explained. And that completes our lesson on female sexual anatomy.

Next, Helen instructed male anatomy and orgasm. she had her beau, Charlie, come into the room and remove his trousers. Gretchen was so fascinated by the strange object between Charlie's leg, that it was several minutes before she realized she was still nude. Oh well, she thought. CHarlie has already seen my body and I have seen his, so we're even, and we're friends, and besides, she was still hot and steamed up and being nude felt just right.

Helen explained the male anatomy, pointing out the penis and scrotum. Charlie had hair, too. As Helen touched his body, pointing out the parts, it seemed to move all on its own. This caused Gretchen to shriek. Helen just laughed, and explained that the penis was building turgor pressure, going from a flaccid state to an erect state. Helen didn't actually know how it worked, but she had read it, and so it must be right.

Gretchen's revulsion to Charlie's penis was replaced by curiosity. She leaned in closer to look as Helen gently caressed Charlie's male member. It seemed to grow and grow. It became twice its size, and instead of a flappy dangling bit of wrinkled skin, it became smooth, shiny, hard, standing tall and proud. Charlie's head had rolled back and his eyes were closed. She moaned as Helen continued to touch him, sliding up and down the length. I want to show you something very special, explained Helen, you must promise not to be frightened. Gretchen promised. She trusted Helen, her best friend, and daughter of the town doctor.

Helen explained that the testicles in the scrotum produced semen, and that semen had sperm, and that they were the magical substance that made babies grow. Gretchen was confused, but fascinated. It's like milking a goat, explained Helen. Except this is baby milk that grows babies. Gretchen understood. She had milked the goats for her chores as a young girl.

Helen tugged on Charlie's penis, much like milking a goat, and soon white creamy liquid spurted out. It wasn't much more tablespoon. Gretchen squealed with delight.

And that's male anatomy and orgasm, said Helen, completing her lesson.

Yes but do they work together ever? asked Gretchen.

Indeed, said Helen. That shall be our second lesson.

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