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Simpson Trip to Miami turns up new photos in Simpsons Sex Scandal

SPRINGFIELD—New photos of Homer and Marge Simpson have turned up in the latest of a series of scandals that have surrounded the popular television family. The photos have been connected to a 2004 trip the couple made to Miami.

The couple had told their children, Bart and Lisa Simpson, that they were going to Dayton, Ohio, to celebrate Uncle Tyrone's birthday. At the airport, witnesses say that Mr. And Mrs. Simpson noticed a line of passengers dressed in Hawaiian shirts and skimpy tops, departing for Miami. The couple forego the visit to Uncle Tyrone and get on the plane to Miami as a second honeymoon.

“We never would have suspected anything,” said daughter Lisa. The children were watching television with their grandfather, Abraham Simpson, when they saw that the hotel in Dayton where Mr. and Mrs. Simpson were supposed to be staying had been completely wiped out by a tornado. A call from Mrs. Simpson informed them that all was well, stating, "Just checking in." Suspicious, Bart used last-call return to find out the last incoming phone number and discovered his parents were in Miami.

The children convinced their grandfather to take them to Miami, promising him that many single beautiful pensioners would be available. Mr. and Mrs. Simpson reportedly saw their children waiting for them outside their hotel room door, and fled. Bart and Lisa Simpson pursued them in to a series of location.

The photos of Mr. and Mrs. Simpson reveal the couple at the beach in various compromising sexual situations. An employee of the hotel is said to have posted the photos online, where they have been circulated.

“What two people do on their vacation is their own bees-wax,” Mrs. Simpson told reporters.

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