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The Groomsmen's Gift

According to Anglo-Saxon history, the groom kidnapped his bride in order to get married. The original best man, or the groom's warrior friend, helped the groom fight off other men while "bridesmen" or "bridesknights" made sure the bride arrived safely to the ceremony.

Today, there is still a charged sexual tension between the bride and the close-knit pack of guys. Often, the groom and best man met her at the same time, like at a bar or party in college. In addition to being the best friend and right hand of the groom, the best man gives a toast during the reception, organizes the bachelor party, holds the bride's wedding ring, and witnesses the signing of the marriage certificate. Groomsmen generally serve as ushers, act as chauffeurs for out-of-town guests and help with last minute tasks before and on the wedding day. They are all excited to see their friend get hitched, especially to a hot girl. All of them, at some point, think of how how she looks in her dress, and now how "off the market," she is.

It's traditional for the groom to give a gift to his groomsmen. So as one final hurrah, his new bride stepped in to help. A handjob for every groomsmen. A very Anglo-Saxon wedding.

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