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The Position

After some effort and a few failed attempts, they found the perfect position. If she lay on her back, she could raise her legs all the way up and back to her ears. Being flexible was no problem, but it was hard to keep her leg up and keep her back arched up. Then they realized all he had to do was straddle her legs. Sitting on them held them back, and also put his cock right above her face.  She loved this, because it pinned her to the bed, and made it impossible to move--it was basically a light form of bondage and restraint, but without messing with ropes and chains. Sometimes she loved being in control, but she really loved being taken. The other advantage was that it exposed and opened her backside for easiest entry by their friend. As he lowered himself down to enter her, her husband was afforded a perfect view. He loved to watch his wife being penetrated in the ass. She loved feeling bent in half and getting in the ass--it was deep, but a smooth straight shot, so there was no pain. Being bent over so far meant that the entering penis hit her spot inside. If they timed it all perfectly, she'd cum just as he'd shoot his load in her butt, causing her to cum harder, causing her husband to let go of his load into her open, waiting mouth. Triple satisfaction.

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