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As a professional wedding photographer, Holly had seen a lot of things. Unfortunately, mostly she saw brides breaking down and throwing tantrums, or puking at receptions from too much to drink. And there was always always always one of the groomsmen hooking up with one of the bridesmaids.

Holly hadn't started as a wedding photographer because she loved weddings. She loved documentary photography. But the fact was, weddings paid. A lot. 

She was hired to shoot for an entire day, or late into the night. With powerful memory cards, her DSLR could literally shoot 1000s of images. She captured it all. Often without people even noticing. With long lens and a trained eye and hand, she could snap a telling moment in a split second. That's what they paid her for. 

Even when she captured a groomsman feeling up a bridesmaid, somehow it still had the look and feel of her other wedding images, the same as cutting the cake, or exchanging rings. She realized, though very quickly, to never show the client what actually happened at their wedding, but only what they want to remember happening. Weddings are a story we tell ourselves, and we never want the truth to get in the way.

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