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What would Smokey Do?

As a girl, she'd grown up hiking in the woods, backpacking, hiking. She'd been told over and over again from Smokey Bear: "Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires."

We'd had a campfire, and let it burn all the way down. I took a stick and stirred the ashes. Still, it smoldered. We were backpacking out in the dry country, where the trees aren't Doug Fir, but Ponderosa pine. Water sources were few and far between and we needed to save our water for drinking. It'd get hot in the day and we ran a real risk of dehydration.

So what's a good backcountry girl to do, but pull down her pants do her part to put the campfire all the way out.

I was both shocked and impressed. Bears pee in the woods all the time. So I guess it's exactly what Smokey would do.

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